Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In the spirit...

So I've moved on the new boat I work on and since I don't have a computer, I have to use my phone! Let's see if this works will be lacking pictures I think :) Well in the spirit of Thanksgiving I wanted my post to be towards everything I am so gratefully for. In the past few weeks, I have been so blessed. I got a job! I work on a beautiful boat that is going to be staying in the fort lauderdale for another 5 weeks. They are getting their helicopter pad extended. So I'll definitely get to know the boat. In reality though, I know the areas at the moment that I need to, which won't change for the next month. So its my Thursday day and I'm already put on watch for the boat. This means I wake up, turn the boat lights off, raise the flag, and throughout the day, I keep things clean and do security watches. Mind you this is my third day and I'm on watch. Sunset has past, which means I failed my last duty. I'm supposed to take the flag down and turn on the lights. Woops. Want to know what I was doing before I got in trouble? Watching the food network. Damn Paula. :) well I'll never forget that again...I hope. But geeze, I was informed about this on Monday. I'm just venting. I know its my fault, all I can do though is apologize and say it won't happen again. Anyways, the boat is nice and so are the people. Even if the first mate just got mad at me. Well we shall see how the next months pan out. I'm then headed off to Texas. This is the experience I was looking for right? What I'm also super thankful for is the fact that I didn't have to start this job until the 28th! So I took my week off and went home! When I bought my ticket Friday, mom said don't tell Sachi...make it a surprise. Boy was it a surprise! He thought I was in Miami the whole day, so when he saw me, he was so confused! But the week was absolutely amazing. Getting to spend time with my family and every second I could with Sachi. I do love how well he gets along with my parents. Besides all the fun things we did in Carlsbad, Sachi and I went to las Vegas for a couple of days. It was great! I had so much fun, but it was hard to leave Sunday. The whole goodbye thing is super difficult. I also keep thinkin about how my holidays are going to be spent completely alone. Oh well I guess :/ its what I signed up for, and I always finish what I start. Geeze I'm definitely getting homesick right now and I was just in Carlsbad! Blahhhh. Well I'm going to go take out the trash. Maybe next blog will end a bit happier.

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