Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm officially referred to as a bad blogger!

Hello friends who like to keep updated on my crazy decisions of life. I am so sorry I have been such a bad blogger. It has been almost a month! Well at first I wasn't entering blogs because my routine was basically the same each day. I would clean the crew lounge and laundry room, then move to cleaning another section of the boat or run errands. Exciting, I know. Well some days were nice when I'd go venture to the nature park and spend time searching for hidden animals. I once saw a bright green caterpillar the size of a fat hot dog! It was to turn into one of those really annoying moths, which I heard all the time in Costa Rica. But I like the ispy things when I'm bored and by myself :) anyways, work on boardwalk was good. The crew was warming up more...we'd have game nights and good dinners. I was getting super excited because tons of good things were coming up; Kayla was going to be living in tbe yard next door to me until january, Kathleen was visiting in the next week, I was going to be spending Christmas with Alfredo, Michelle, and their family, the Dodge family would be here the week after that, I'd have a weekend with nothing, then SACHI VISITS!!! The upcoming weeks were going to fly by. Then I heard that the boat was supposed to stay in the yard till February. Gross! I wish I could up load pictures, but still can't with an iPad. Yep thats right :) but ya if anyone has any words of wisdom, let me know. Last week was great. I was so excited to finally have a friend to hang out with after work, and to show someone from back home what I'm doing and working on is super! The night with kathleen and her sister was great. We went out for a drink after they met everyone I worked with, where we discussed life and teaching side effects ;) and all that jazz. Friday, the day before I was to meet Michelle and Alfredo, I made another crazy decision. Well, as I was talking on the phone with Sachi, I went on to check my bank account with my pay that was directly deposited. Unfortunately the number was very low. Too low in fact to keep working for the wage when I could make more at home. I was frustrated with myself because I knew that this number was said, but I don't know why I didnt fully comprehend how I was being screwed. Everyone else was doing loads better than me in that sense and they were already traveling. I have been in contact with a captain that I did day work for previously, who was in the process of highering a stewardess, and always told me that he'd give me the job hands down. I always declined, but now I was seriously considering it. I'm not going to be doing this much longer, and I'd rather be with a boat that actually travels. If I'm only going to be here a bit more, staying in the yard was a waste of time. Why would I have left home and all that is important to me, to clean the same thing every day and mope. Sachis input was really important to me. He said that to come home now would have left a gap in what I went out to originally accomplish. Captain dano "surprisingly" supported my decision to leave the boat and join his. He knows about sachis trip out here and made it a point to work around his visit. That really means a lot to me. So Friday night, I made the decision to give my captain notice of my resignation. On Saturday, I woke up early to bAke bake bake. I wish I could post a picture of what I made for Alfredo and Michelle, but oh well :). Meanwhile, I talked with mike about the situation I was presented with. He told me that I should definitely do whats best for me, and this job didn't sound like it was best. It was so nice to see Alfredo and Michelle when they came to pick me up. Anyone that doesnt mind talking or telling me about Sachi is my cup of tea. They are super lovely people, who care so much for Sachi and remind me what a great man I have back home. They were supportive of my resignation from boardwalk. They said that I would need to send the email ASAP. On Christmas eve, I met so many amazing people! Their families are the nicest, most welcoming people. This was my first Christmas away from my family, and I couldn't have been more blessed to be able to spend it with these amazing people. I felt so included. I learned so much about Cuban culture and tradition. Primarily that their Christmas eve is spent around a roast pig. Alfredo taught me where the best, most tasty parts are. He is a big fan of the crunchy skin. Me, not so much...but at least I tried it. We also ate la abuela de Michelle's turkey. It is the best I've ever eaten. I also became a fan of Yuka. After much time spent with Michelle's family, where her niece fell asleep on me, we went back to alfredos parents house. There were t least fifty people there in celebration of Christmas and being together. It was the sweetest thing to see all of the love. Truly made me feel so lucky and blessed to be a part of everything. I always say how grateful I am to have met Sachi. Because of him, I have met so many amazing, kind, welcoming people. Once it turned about 10pm, drama struck. I sent the email, which was very professional. I offered to complete the list of tasks, then find a temporary stew to help with the daily cleaning. I kindly said that I have been given an opportunity to work for a boat that would provide me with more of what I'm looking for. Honestly, if I'm only going to be doing this a bit, why would I want to be wasting my time on a boat that is staying in the yard. I came out here to experience a different side of life because I was lost in regards to what I was supposed to do with my life. Especially after the weekend spent with the Iglesias family, I know that in the precious time that each of us have, it should be spent doing what you enjoy. I enjoy being with my family, friends, and Sach. I always have, but life is short. I've always been consumed with the travel that can I do to experience all of Gods wonders, when in reality, I can experience these wonders with the people that matter, while we are all still together. I still want to go to Alaska with my dad, Mexico and India with Sachi, Vietnam with Sylv, and maybe South Africa with the girls? Moral of this entry, enjoy life with those that are important to you. Everything happens for a reason, and time is precious, so realize what is worth it to you. Make a list of five things to accomplish in 5 years and make it happen. You never know what is going to be thrown your way. This looooong post looks like word vomit.

Friday, December 2, 2011

December in Florida...

Another entry written on my cell phone...I want to purchase an iPad soon as a present to myself, but let's have that first paycheck come in before I do that! December first was a lot better of a day in comparison to my emotional little pity party on the last day of November. Who would know that a simple phone call from the love of my life could make it turn so positive. I am very lucky to have someone who is so supportive of everything I am doing. Makes it a bit harder to stay away from him, but I know that the experience will not only be worth it for me, but for us as well. The next morning I started my "brainless" work, cleaning the crew lounge and laundry room. Seriously, this place is so clean. If I had bad dust allergies, I would seriously work as a high end stewardess because you vacuum dust every day, so really you aren't dealing with heavy dust bunnies, but little dust particles. I know its ridiculous to say, but you should see how clean this place is! And I'm helping keep it that way of course, but it really is spotless. Is it bad to say I take give myself a little "woot woot" when I find dust in a crevice that the previous stew never got? Hey you know, when you are doing work like this, you have to make it fun. That's like any job really. On that topic, I've been trying to figure out what I want to be my career. Wait, let me finish about why December is going more pleasantly than the last day of November. Well it started with the captain seeing me in the morning and saying, after I apologized about the night before, that it was my first time and not to worry, I'll get the hang of things soon. That was really nice. I was afraid he would be a little perturbed like the first mate Ryan, but he wasn't. That day, Ryan also apologized to me for overreacting. So ya, the day went by quickly, and once I got off work, I did an awfully workout on Michelles netflix account in my room...Haha dance away those calories! Then ate rabbit, that the chief stew Asia cooked. This morning went by so fast. I went a got drug tested...let's hope I pass! Then did basic cleaning and Christmas decorations! Christmas makes everything better right? Time to celebrate the best big guy ever! I got off work today at 3, so woohoo! Early weekend! Even though it doesn't mean I get to leave and visit with friends. Unless I want to keep paying for taxis, I am basically tied to the boat. Oh well, it has a lot of entertainong things to do on it. Ok so back to my dilemma of a career! I know for certain this isnt what I'll be doing for the rest of my life. It is only a short adventure to explore a new way of life, and meeting new people. When I get back home to the man of my dreams ;) I am so curious as to what I will do to support myself. I don't want to teach high school right now. I still love tutoring though. By the way, another captain asked me to tutor him. Who knows maybe I can still be involved in the yachting industry, but the mathematical side of it...boy is there one! Well I guess that is the next adventure. It's funny because when I was at the crew house, I was so busy, but now when I get off work, I don't have much to do .... So get ready for those blog posts!