Friday, December 2, 2011

December in Florida...

Another entry written on my cell phone...I want to purchase an iPad soon as a present to myself, but let's have that first paycheck come in before I do that! December first was a lot better of a day in comparison to my emotional little pity party on the last day of November. Who would know that a simple phone call from the love of my life could make it turn so positive. I am very lucky to have someone who is so supportive of everything I am doing. Makes it a bit harder to stay away from him, but I know that the experience will not only be worth it for me, but for us as well. The next morning I started my "brainless" work, cleaning the crew lounge and laundry room. Seriously, this place is so clean. If I had bad dust allergies, I would seriously work as a high end stewardess because you vacuum dust every day, so really you aren't dealing with heavy dust bunnies, but little dust particles. I know its ridiculous to say, but you should see how clean this place is! And I'm helping keep it that way of course, but it really is spotless. Is it bad to say I take give myself a little "woot woot" when I find dust in a crevice that the previous stew never got? Hey you know, when you are doing work like this, you have to make it fun. That's like any job really. On that topic, I've been trying to figure out what I want to be my career. Wait, let me finish about why December is going more pleasantly than the last day of November. Well it started with the captain seeing me in the morning and saying, after I apologized about the night before, that it was my first time and not to worry, I'll get the hang of things soon. That was really nice. I was afraid he would be a little perturbed like the first mate Ryan, but he wasn't. That day, Ryan also apologized to me for overreacting. So ya, the day went by quickly, and once I got off work, I did an awfully workout on Michelles netflix account in my room...Haha dance away those calories! Then ate rabbit, that the chief stew Asia cooked. This morning went by so fast. I went a got drug tested...let's hope I pass! Then did basic cleaning and Christmas decorations! Christmas makes everything better right? Time to celebrate the best big guy ever! I got off work today at 3, so woohoo! Early weekend! Even though it doesn't mean I get to leave and visit with friends. Unless I want to keep paying for taxis, I am basically tied to the boat. Oh well, it has a lot of entertainong things to do on it. Ok so back to my dilemma of a career! I know for certain this isnt what I'll be doing for the rest of my life. It is only a short adventure to explore a new way of life, and meeting new people. When I get back home to the man of my dreams ;) I am so curious as to what I will do to support myself. I don't want to teach high school right now. I still love tutoring though. By the way, another captain asked me to tutor him. Who knows maybe I can still be involved in the yachting industry, but the mathematical side of it...boy is there one! Well I guess that is the next adventure. It's funny because when I was at the crew house, I was so busy, but now when I get off work, I don't have much to do .... So get ready for those blog posts!

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