Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First mate...Last trip

Since the last post, I have started working full time on the Gumbo motor yacht. I am so grateful for all that has happened on this journey because I finally feel like I'm on a boat, accomplishing what I set out for. I'm working on a 74' yacht with just the captain and owner. So many people were nervous for my venture on to this boat because it sounded unsafe...just being on board with the captain. I was hesitant at first, but the experience has been great. The captain couldn't be more professional. Truly, he just likes to talk a lot about his floozy escapades while we are driving the boat. I still keep my guard up all the time, since I can't trust anyone, but at least Im finally on a boat that doesn't do the same thing every day. I am actually the first mate on this boat because there is only two crew. I sure am learning a ton. I love the fact that I learn new things each day. I even steered the boat under a bridge the other day. It's pretty awesome! At Calavera, I always enjoyed driving the huge white van because I felt like a child molester....just kidding! I liked it because I liked the control I felt of large objects :) but this is way better. I'm also learning how to navigate and work in the engine room. Truly all things that I would only need to know if I were to become a captain, but no thanks. It is fun just learning it for the time being.

so the itinerary for this boat is to go from key largo to charleston in south carolina. From there, the boat will stay for six months. Well for the past month, I've realized how important and meaningful it is to be surrounded by those you love. It is useless to spend the time by yourself if you have a community of love already set in place. I guess earlier, I didn't understand what I had until the light bulb went off. Because of that, I've decided to help take the boat to Charleston, get the boat set up with everything for a week or two, then head home. I feel like I've completed my adventure. This adventure was more of a journey to find the importance in life. I've taken trips to build my character, and trips to learn, but I figured this trip would be to see more of the world. In actuality, this trip helped my become confident in my life at home and what is truly important in life. Prior to this trip, I always believed that I should travel the whole world and gain experiences through wild adventures. Now I know that experiencing the most beautiful of places doesn't mean as much as it could if you have someone to share it with. Some people will read this and think, duh...thats what everyone says to begin with. Well, now it means more to me than just listening to someone's words. Now I know 100%+ that I should be listening to my heart, and go home to fulfill a new adventure of living life with love. I've always made decisions with my head, now they're going to be made with my heart.

I hope my decision is taken well. I am very excited to know that I am coming home to spend time with the many important people in my life. At this moment, I am sitting on the top deck, watching pelicans dive face first into the water to find fish to eat, while the sun is setting in the distance. These are the images that I'll never forget. At least I know that my future nights like these will be spent with people I love.