Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In the spirit...

So I've moved on the new boat I work on and since I don't have a computer, I have to use my phone! Let's see if this works will be lacking pictures I think :) Well in the spirit of Thanksgiving I wanted my post to be towards everything I am so gratefully for. In the past few weeks, I have been so blessed. I got a job! I work on a beautiful boat that is going to be staying in the fort lauderdale for another 5 weeks. They are getting their helicopter pad extended. So I'll definitely get to know the boat. In reality though, I know the areas at the moment that I need to, which won't change for the next month. So its my Thursday day and I'm already put on watch for the boat. This means I wake up, turn the boat lights off, raise the flag, and throughout the day, I keep things clean and do security watches. Mind you this is my third day and I'm on watch. Sunset has past, which means I failed my last duty. I'm supposed to take the flag down and turn on the lights. Woops. Want to know what I was doing before I got in trouble? Watching the food network. Damn Paula. :) well I'll never forget that again...I hope. But geeze, I was informed about this on Monday. I'm just venting. I know its my fault, all I can do though is apologize and say it won't happen again. Anyways, the boat is nice and so are the people. Even if the first mate just got mad at me. Well we shall see how the next months pan out. I'm then headed off to Texas. This is the experience I was looking for right? What I'm also super thankful for is the fact that I didn't have to start this job until the 28th! So I took my week off and went home! When I bought my ticket Friday, mom said don't tell Sachi...make it a surprise. Boy was it a surprise! He thought I was in Miami the whole day, so when he saw me, he was so confused! But the week was absolutely amazing. Getting to spend time with my family and every second I could with Sachi. I do love how well he gets along with my parents. Besides all the fun things we did in Carlsbad, Sachi and I went to las Vegas for a couple of days. It was great! I had so much fun, but it was hard to leave Sunday. The whole goodbye thing is super difficult. I also keep thinkin about how my holidays are going to be spent completely alone. Oh well I guess :/ its what I signed up for, and I always finish what I start. Geeze I'm definitely getting homesick right now and I was just in Carlsbad! Blahhhh. Well I'm going to go take out the trash. Maybe next blog will end a bit happier.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm how old!?!

Sorry for the old posts...I know it is the week of November 14th, but let's get filled in on what has happened previously :)

I completed a Megayacht Interior Operations course in my second week here. We learned how to fold toilet paper! I know, don't be jealous of me. I now know how to toilet paper, towels, napkins, make a bed, take out mother always said before I came out here, that she couldn't believe I was leaving to be a maid. Oh well I am :) Hey I'll be a maid that gets to experience new places and environments every day, and I'll be making much more than a teacher would come close to. I also learned how to tie lines which is fun, its like I'm in boy scouts or something. Best of all, I got to do some flower arranging!
This is my final result!
Overall, the course was interesting. I did learn many new things, so there isn't a drawback.  I'm happy as long as I am learning/experiencing something new. During this week, one of the stewardesses in the course asked if she could bring my CV to her chief stew.  She thought that I would get along very well with the crew. (Unfortunately, it is now the two weeks later and I have yet to hear anything!) Oh well, it was a nice gesture.  I also started tutoring a man Adrien in his Masters of Stability course. He is a captain, who heard that I am a math nerd, who can tutor him with the math concepts.  I loved it! It always feels amazing tutoring because the person is taking an interest in determining their own success. It was quite funny when I realized I kind of treated him like a teenager when he would approach problems wrong or make errors...but he really appreciated it.  It was awesome to see his confidence in the subject grow.  And hey, I learned so much about what you have to do to a boat to stabilize it when extra weight is added to it.  Well I know how to calculate it anyways. IYT has been a great training center. I'm really glad that I went with them because of the knowledge they have about the subjects and the opportunities that will develop from going there.

Proabably the funniest thing that happened this week occured when I got off the phone with Lauren.  Mary, my coo-coo landlord knocks on my door and proceeds to tell me that she likes my flowers that were outside on the table.  I had told her that I got them today, but ommited the fact that they were from the flower arranging class.  She says, "Ya I know, your boyfriend called me last week to get the address, so he could send them for your birthday!" Haha woops Mary, ya I made those :) Aw but yes, the next day, Friday, I came home from my last day of training to see a beautiful arrangement of flowers on my dresser.  Sunflowers are my favorite :)
I love Sachi so much! The flowers were such a wonderful present. He really does make me miss him though! ;) It was sad to be without my friends and family this year for my birthday.  I mean, last year, I was at a math conference for my woo! But it definitely would have been nice to spend it with all the new wonderful people that I've met in the last 4 months. Especially Sach!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fort Lauderdale Living

     So I have survived my first two weeks of training/life in Fort Lauderdale.  It was definitely an I opener to get off the plane and realize everything I left behind.  I felt like Homer Simpson "Doh". Was this a good or bad decision?  I actually love the saying, if it is good, then its great, but if it is bad, then its an experience.  That's exactly how I am approaching this adventure.  No matter what, the experience will be worth it.  Hopefully I will meet nice people, make some money, and travel parts of the world I've never been before...all before I settle down.  :)
     So, it has definitely been the hardest thing I have ever done, leaving Carlsbad this time. I had to completely drop/leave everything for this random job I am venturing into.  Luckily the life and atmosphere of Fort Lauderdale is really receptive.  First off, the crew house that I am staying in is amazing! The owner of the house is definitely off her rocker.  She is an emotional wreck, but a very smart business woman. I live in a house with seven other girls, all of which are unbelievably nice and helpful.  They answer all of my questions regarding the yachting world. They really are the nicest things. We have Janet, Rachel, and Kate from South Africa, Liz and Holly from American, and Kayla and Magenta from Australia.  They sure know how to party.  I tend to go out with them and just order coca-colas :)  But hey I still have my fun! The first week, I went a toga party where one is "supposed" to network.  I just ate lots of good food...just kidding, I ate and networked over the eating.

At this party, I met some nice guys who got me tickets to the National Party.  This is a invite only event with 6,000 people attending.  I wore my Queen of hearts costume and danced all night...and again ate really good food.  There were these beef brisket sandwiches that had favorite!  I left around 1 am because my feet were killing me, but it was a crazy, fun time.

I also rode a bull with Kayla.  It was definitely a fun night.  There were tons of yachties just having a good time! I couldn't keep up with the partiers as they went out downtown, but that's ok because I got to talk with Lauren back at home, and Sachi.  It was his birthday weekend, so he was out with friends.  His friend Andrew surprised him with getting Sachi's Halloween costume.  Guess what it was? A yacht captain.  I thought that was the cutest thing.

On Halloween, I took the Australians Trick or Treating.  They had a blast! I'm glad I got to reconnect with my youth.  Geeze, some of these houses/neighborhoods are insane.  So fun.  I felt like I had to be more gruesome like my roommates, which is why I chose the alternative Alice in Wonderland.

   Ok so in between the parties and networking, my training for the STCW '95 consisted of some boring classroom informational sessions, and days that were unbelievable.  How many times can you say you jumped in and out, and in and out, and in and out of a fireman's outfit putting out crazy big fires!  I was taken aback by how amazing this experience was.  The craziest part was being enclosed in a small room with a huge fire, and being able to see the progression of stages a fire takes on.  It got insanely hot, but the whole experience was awesome.
That's me!

Emily and Rae, two friends I made in class

We were also trained in how to handle "abandon ship" scenarios. These pool activities were definitely a work out, but they trained us on how to deal with fires in the water, swimming in Immersion suits, and flipping over massive life rafts. Really crazy experiences.

So this week of adventures is definitely keeping my mind busy, not focusing on what I have left at home.  I still miss everyone so much, but just in this week, I'll have stories, that few people get to share, to tell my future grandchildren.

But I do miss this guy terribly!
                     (The one on the left ;) is my captain!)