Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First Feelings

So I've decided to write a blog to keep everyone and myself up to date with what I'm experiencing, where I'm located, and what exactly is going through my head regarding these adventures.  Sort of like a diary that is open to the public :)
Well, I started packing yesterday.  I leave in eleven days and I couldn't be more excited, nervous, happy, sad, jittery, or emotional about the whole move.  This is something I have wanted to do since I first heard about the lifestyle from a fellow traveler in Nicaragua.  Working as a stewardess on a yacht and being able to see the world while I sail.  I am expecting hard work, but isn't the saying, "Work hard, play harder"?  Who knew I'd actually end up buying my one way ticket a year later.  God sure works in funny ways.  I know He wants me to explore.  There have been so many signs as to why I need to experience this.  I can't believe that I will be leaving so soon.  I'm looking forward to the emotional breakdown I'll have on Saturday I leave.  Time for some tears!  My family is used to me leaving for months at a time, but never with such an adventure as the one I am about to voyage on.  I will definitely miss my friends, but that is what this blog is for, and email, and Facebook! Keep up to date on each others lives.  Sachi is definitely who I'm going to shed some tears for.  God is definitely funny like that.  Make me fall, like I've never fallen before, for a wonderful man after I made the decision to leave.  Oh how lovely this will be :-/ But I know I am leaving something amazing, but gaining something beautiful.
Until next time.